YEAH 1996

The first Yafl conference has been held in March 1996, and attracted about 40 attendees. You can download the various papers that have been presented at this conference. Most of them are research papers, but some of them do describe projects that have gone into production.

Author Article The same, compressed
Darius Blasband (Well, myself) Of genericity and other deamons Click here
William Nicora YAM: the Yafl Abstract Machine Click here
Jerôme Verstrynge MoIS or Introducing Molten Ice in Yafl Click here
Lionel Ferette Cool: A Compiler as a Compiler/Compiler This work has been extended in Darius's thesis. Click here
Marc Blasband (Beware: unlike other entries in this list, this document is in Microsoft Word format) Using Yafl in a real world environment Click here
Laurent Ferier Global optimization in Yafl Click here
Jean-Christophe Réal Formally proving Yafl programs Click here