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Phidani Software

Founded in 1990, Phidani Software focuses on technology issues in domains ranging from parsing and compiler design, to real-time and embedded systems and formal specifications. We try to emphasize on quality, formalisms, and robustness in all our developments, as part of internaly developed products, or within the bounds of a consulting assignment.

The Services


You can take advantage of our extensive experience of the daily usage of OO techniques in production environments:

  • Consulting services in OO projects
  • Mentoring related to design techniques
  • Improving the technical and application-level quality of your applications
  • Coding, using state of the art tools and techniques

We have been teaching OO principles and techniques in seminars in Belgium and in France. One of the most significant achievement we can refer to is the Yafl Programming Language, even if we have real-world practice of language such as C++ and SmallTalk as well.

For any question or remark related to object-orientation, please mail us

Realtime design and implementation

We have extensive (over 15 years in total) experience in the world of industrial software, more specifically, in the area of soft real-time systems. In such contexts, we have been facing the impedance mismatch between theory where everything happens at a conceptual level, and practice, where concerns such as absolute performance, determinism and memory footprints.

There is little one can say about such systems without getting back to low-level technicalities, but we would like to hear more from your industrial software projects and tell you more about our expertise in the field. Please mail us

Compiler design

One of our major area of competence is the world of compilers, translators, preprocessors and interpretors. We apply compiler-related techniques in many places, such as:

  • Terminal emulator
  • Communication protocols
  • PCL5 filters
  • High-performance HTML pages analyzer

More commonly, we also use these techniques to produce more common things, such as:

  • The Yafl compiler (If you are intrigued about Yafl, and you don't know what it is all about, it might be the best moment to check it out)
  • Several enriched versions of the Yafl compiler, to support persistency (within the framework of a research work) or to access relational databases easily and conveniently.
  • A K&R C to ANSI C translator
  • A Pascal to C translator that has been used to migrate a 100.000 lines mission-critical system in less than a week.
  • A PL/1 syntactical and semantical analyzer
  • A COBOL source code analyzer that recognized and stored IDMS statements onto a database for further analysis

Compilers and compiler-oriented techniques can be used in virtually all areas of computing. Telecommunications, quality, natural language, query processing, etc...

For further information, please mail us.

The founders

Alain Corchia Alain CORCHIA
Alain email
Darius Blasband Darius BLASBAND
Darius email
Juan Pablo Diez Perez Juan Pablo DIEZ PEREZ
Juan email


Raincode Raincode is a company specialized in language processing, compilation and software migration.
ERTMS Solutions ERTMS Solutions is a company specialized for the ERTMS market (European standard for Interoperable Rail Transportation Systems).
XmlBooster XMLBooster: the fastest XML parser generator.
YAFL YAFL is a very clearly structured and modularized, object-oriented programming-language.
Paja Paja is a super-set of the Java programming language designed at enhancing the power of Java to support genericity.


Yes, it's time to do something worth while with your life. Get out of that daily ruth and join us for a challenging working environment.

We are only interested in complex, so you'd better be bright. But watch out.

Where you work now, you are probably the smartest of the house, here you are in challenging intellectual environment (we hope you make us look stupid).

So send us a message and we'll talk about project, money and fun.

Contact us

Contact us

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